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Chicken Jokes

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Two snails and the Chicken

Two snails are talking by the side of a very busy road.  "We should go across just like the chicken did," says one.  "Are you crazy?" the other replies.  "Snails have to be born on the other side of the road.  They can't just go across!"

Chicken in the Library

A chicken enters a library, walks up to the librarian and says "Book book"

The librarian hands the chicken two books, which it tucks under its wing and leaves the library.

A few minutes later, the chicken re-enters the library, walks up to the desk, hefts the two books onto the counter and says to the librarian "Book book".

The librarian is puzzled, but nonetheless replaces the two books with two more books, which the chicken tucks under its wing, and leaves the library...

A few more minutes pass, and the chicken reappears with the two books. It places them on the counter, looks earnestly up at the librarian and says "Book book?"

Perplexed, librarian gives the chicken two more books, and the chicken once again leaves the library. However, by now the librarian is so overcome with curiosity that she hurries out of the building just in time to see the chicken disappear into the woods across the street. She follows the chicken a short ways through the woods until it arrives at a small pond at the edge of a swamp, where a large frog is sitting on stump.

The chicken presents the books to the frog, who looks at them closely and says "Reddit Reddit".

More jokes to come - as you send them in :-)

1995-99, Ervin Nemeth.  All rights reserved.
Republication and commercial use of our pages is expressly prohibited.

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